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  1. Thank you for the report, he has been banned.
  2. Added a quick hotfix for this, not tested. Let me know if it happens again
  3. This strat was listed as a rifle round, it has since been adjusted
  4. Will look into this in the morning
  5. Hi, This is under investigation, thank you for the report.
  6. Hi, This is not a bug, this is how the system works. AWP is given to the most valuable player on each team, from the previous round. If you wish to disable receiving the awp, then disable it in !guns. However, I am looking into to altering our executes plugin to allow for certain spawns with certain guns, and allowing for more creative strats!
  7. Hi, That's a nice STEAM ID you have, mind telling me how funny you thought it was to enter that? 😄
  8. Scotty


    It's certainly been a long time coming, after set back after set back, I finally feel I'm in a position where I am happy with the new state of our servers. It is without a doubt the biggest update we will have ever - and probably will ever release for a long time. We want to focus on Quality over Quantity, so yes, we will have a few less servers whilst we try to make the servers that we do have the best ones we can. I will start by saying that we have made the decision to rebrand our servers, we will no longer have “UK” and “EU” servers, we will only have one set of servers and they will be called “XGC Executes”. Let's get on what we've actually been doing this whole time. Donators 25% SALE ACROSS ALL OF OUR PACKAGES UNTIL 31st December at midnight, VISIT OUR STORE 25% SALE ACROSS ALL OF OUR PACKAGES UNTIL 31st December at midnight, VISIT OUR STORE 25% SALE ACROSS ALL OF OUR PACKAGES UNTIL 31st December at midnight, VISIT OUR STORE 25% SALE ACROSS ALL OF OUR PACKAGES UNTIL 31st December at midnight, VISIT OUR STORE PURCHASE A CUSTOM CHAT TAG AND COLOUR HERE We have reworked our donation system, we now only offer VIP, Global Elite and Elite Founder Packages. This means the removal of the “Professional” package, anyone that still has a valid Professional Package will be upgraded to Global Elite for a 1month. We have added extra perks for all packages. Go check them out at https://store.xeno-gaming.co.uk All VIP packages except Reserved Slot can now choose their own custom chat tag and chat colour prior to checking out. This is a one time use for VIP’s and Global Elites, whereas Elite Founders will be able to use !tags in-game to change this as they wish. All existing VIPS, Globals and Elite founders have been given default tags, these cost £5 to change. Elite Founders can change in-game using !tags. Updates Performance I have worked hard to improve our performance across all our services: Drastically improved the loading times on our websites I have upgraded our main game server to some of the highest specs for gaming servers on the market today. Executes IP's connect executes.xgc.gg:27015 connect executes.xgc.gg:27016 connect executes.xgc.gg:27017 connect executes.xgc.gg:27018 connect executes.xgc.gg:27019 connect executes.xgc.gg:27020 connect executes.xgc.gg:27021 connect executes.xgc.gg:27022 24/7 Servers connect executes.xgc.gg:27023 AWP connect awp.xgc.gg This is the average server sv and var with everything enabled, and the server maxed out. A massive improvement compared to before. Executes We have reworked our executes, and nade allocation from scratch on the following maps: de_mirage, de_dust2, de_cache, de_train, de_inferno and de_overpass. This should be hopefully result in some fresh gameplay and reduce the chances of players knowing what execute it is as soon as they spawn. We have reduced the smokes to almost none for Terrorist side players and removed Molotov’s and grenades from spawns near chokepoints on certain executes. This should result in much more fluent gameplay, and less complaining. AWP Server XGC AWP SERVER IS BACK! We are heading back to our roots, as the awp server was the base of which XGC was built upon, we only felt it was about time we brought it back. It is 128 tick, 32 players and is running on par with the performance of our execute servers. connect awp.xgc.gg In-Game Store We have reset our in-game store, existing VIP packages will be giving the credits in accordance to what they paid. We have made the decision to completely remove custom player models from our store, as we feel like some models did give players advantages over others. We feel that the Community will be rather enthusiastic about this. We have re-worked and improve our store to reduce the likelihood of any bugs / server crashes. We have added staff sections and VIP sections to our store, exclusively for them. We have tried to put a bigger emphasis on our in-game store, prices are mostly calculated for either: One Day, One Week, One Month and permanent now. In removal of the custom player models, we have added a vast variety of pro-team gloves for both CT and T Side. These will still make use of the default player models. We have added A HELL of a lot more content to our in-game store in general, go check it out. You can sell items for 50% of what you originally bought for it. You can now earn additional credits through daily reward, every day you day you do !daily, the credits you get will increase until it gets to 7days, then it will reset. You earn credits for your in-game performance now: 5 Credits for each Kill 2 Credits for each Assist 150 Credits for backstabbing (knife kill) 5 credits for defusing the bomb 15 credits for flash assists 15 credits for grenade kills 7 credits for headshots 25 credits for being the MVP 20 credits for killing through smoke kills 30 credits for Zeus kils 1 Credit for winning the round You can earn additional credits by using the XGC steam group tag in-game. You can earn additional credits by having xgc.gg/discord in your steam name. You will be to earn extra credits with our DiscordBot (coming soon) Discord Verification / Roles We have added Discord Verification to our servers, this allows us to make cool feature further down the line. The process to verify is simple, you type !verify in-game and you copy and paste the code it gives you into the #verification channel in our discord. (Verifying gives you access to exclusive commands and features eg. !store and !stickers.) You will get 5000 in-game store credits once you have verified. In line with our new discord verification system, if you are an existing donator, you will automatically be given your discord role if you do not already have it. If you buy VIP after this update, you will also receive it if you are verified in-game. These will also remove themselves after your package expires. You can also use the command !claimrole if it does not give you it automatically. We have added the ability to add any valve weapon stickers to your guns. You will be able to use this feature via !stickers, but please note you will have to be verified in our discord in order to use it. Picture example here CallAdmin Our !calladmin system has been adjusted to make it easier for our staff members to find the server, player, reporter, hopefully making for quicker response times in the future. Misc. If you ace in a round, a message will appear in chat. To get more, detailed information about the server quickly, you can type “status” in console. Need to know something about the server? Look to the sky 😊 F4 will now bring up all the information you need about the server you are on. Websites Our new designed forums will be available at: https://forums.xeno-gaming.co.uk Our new designed bans page will be available at: https://bans.xeno-gaming.co.uk Our new designed stats page will be available at: https://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk You can make use of the following links: https://forums.xeno-gaming.co.uk https://bans.xeno-gaming.co.uk https://xgc.gg/discord https://store.xgc.gg https://xgc.gg/salad It's been a hectic last few months, that's for sure. I appreciate your guy's patience whilst we roll out these updates - and there's still more to come. I appreciate everyone understanding the situation, and I hope you guys get back to enjoying our servers. If you encounter any bugs, problems or have problems with your donator packages, then please make sure to make a post here: HERE Merry Christmas!
  9. Name Scootty STEAMID STEAM_0:1:124977459 DiscordID ScottyXGC#0001 Age 8 What Country are you from? gg Server Playtime gg Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team? gdfg What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team? dfgdf Do you have any past experiences in similar roles? gdfg
  10. Name Scootty STEAMID STEAM_0:1:124977459 DiscordID ScottyXGC#0001 Age 15 Country Scotland Server Playtime 10hours Past Experiences noefdsfdsf Why are you interested in joining our Staff team? noefdsfdsfnoefdsfdsfnoefdsfdsfnoefdsfdsfnoefdsfdsf
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