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  1. Denied due to inactivity and not interacting in the discord
  2. Abusing bot commands in an effort to crash it Constantly starting arguments in discord and faceit hub games General Toxicity within the discord and servers There's quite a few things there with you have failed to mention within your ban appeal
  3. Let me know if this has been resolved
  4. Scotty

    beb's Report

    This is just the problem with CS:GO, working with custom arm models whilst supporting real glove models is a real pain, I would recommend just disabling your own gloves before joining the servers.
  5. Sounds sus to me, denied without further proof.
  6. You do realise it spams you in chat when you're even touching the barrier never mind forcing your way through it? right?
  7. That's not quite the reason you were banned tho
  8. Thank you for the report, he has been banned.
  9. Added a quick hotfix for this, not tested. Let me know if it happens again
  10. This strat was listed as a rifle round, it has since been adjusted
  11. Will look into this in the morning
  12. Hi, This is under investigation, thank you for the report.
  13. Hi, This is not a bug, this is how the system works. AWP is given to the most valuable player on each team, from the previous round. If you wish to disable receiving the awp, then disable it in !guns. However, I am looking into to altering our executes plugin to allow for certain spawns with certain guns, and allowing for more creative strats!
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