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  1. Hi Nicolas, Your application seems very detailed and professional. I am confident that you are both an active and sensible member of the community in both discord and the servers, albeit I would like to see you more in the voice channels. Your chatlogs are very clean and if anything represent your willingness to help out members of the community and as such I believe it would be a good idea to accept your application. I will be in contact with you via discord, congratulations! J4WG ACCEPTED
  2. Hello Spoke, Due to inactivity in our discord server which is an essential component to being in the staff team, we will have to reject your staff application. Please feel free to apply again in the future. Many Thanks and best of luck, J4WG DENIED
  3. Hi Topicz! You seem to be an active and sensible member of our community. On top of this your experience in an admin role on CS:GO servers could come in handy and as a result I am accepting your application! Thanks, J4WG ACCEPTED
  4. Hi Nexus Novaz, I've seen an attempt at activity in our discord recently and on top of that you have great activity in our servers. Your chatlogs seem fine and overall I think you'd make a great addition to the staff team. As a result I am accepting your application! Thanks, J4WG ACCEPTED
  5. Hi Depi, Thanks for your application, Firstly, your activity on our servers is exceptional and is above what I would expect even some of our best staff members in the current team to have. Further to this, you are also extremely active on the discord and have even participated in matches on our FACEIT hub! Your chatlogs aren't always 100% and ideally I'd like you to improve this going forward in the future. Nevertheless, due to your outstanding activity and generally speaking good behaviour on our servers as well as encouraging activity from other people I'd say you are exactly the sort of individual that should be within the Xeno-Gaming staff team as a result I am accepting this application. Thanks, J4WG ACCEPTED
  6. Hi Albikk, Thanks for the application! As a member of the community you have a very high amount of activity in the servers and therefore we would assume as a result you have a good understanding of the rules, the executes and general operations. In terms of your chatlogs, they definitely aren't the greatest I've ever seen, at times you seem to be toxic to other members of the community, something that would not be expected of our staff. Further to this, you're not even in the Xeno-Gaming discord, something that is absolutely required to be in our staff team. It'd be great if we could see some mass improvements on the above mentioned things for now I will replace your application under review; Best of luck, J4WG
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