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    Name Mason STEAMID STEAM_0:1:50806384 DiscordID Zuicide#9691 Your Suggestion My last suggestion seemed to go ignored so I ask again for you to consider changing the execute system and allow T's to flank A very good example is T side Dust 2 Rushing B site is exhausting and boring. If you're CT spawned on B and you know spawns off by heart you will instantly know that its a B rush and can just delay the rush with the molotov and nade that you always spawn with. Its almost impossible for T's to rush B after their nades have delayed 4 CT's to rotate and hold 1 tight alleyway, the best thing to do is to allow T's to flank through mid then they can have some CT's holding mid making the B tunnel easier to entry out of. This is how a real scenario would be played out in a game anyway so why not change it?
  2. Hunter

    Hunter's Report

    Name Mason STEAMID STEAM_0:1:50806384 DiscordID MasonP#9691 Your Suggestion I'm unaware of any other servers besides the execute ones you own on csgo and they are widely known and played for a lot of European players, I myself have played on these servers since 3 years back. I ask that you consider changing how the executes are currently played, I'll explain. When you spawn in the server you the team are given a strat to follow and there are invisible barriers that stop you from pushing anywhere else other than where the strat tells you to go, there is also a rule that that states you are not allowed to hold flanks as a terrorist. The idea that you are not allowed the freedom to do what you want in the executes seems very unrealistic, I would have imagined executes are servers that allow you to practice defending and attacking different scenarios on each map. If you agree then surely you would also agree that giving the players their own freedom to put pressure on other parts of the map or hold a potential flank while that strat was set in motion would mean that it would flow like a normal match would, therefore helping you practice natural scenarios instead of playing against players that are forced to push a certain place. On inferno for example, if you see a library smoke as a CT you know the strategy is "PUSH A LONG" for Terrorists, so the need to spread your attention to short and or apps on A as a CT is taken away making it FAR easier to hold the site, which is completely unrealistic to how the game would normally function. Even at higher levels of play you would have to focus on so many key areas of the map that by literally blocking areas off just handicap your ability to learn the game better and understand how an actual match can turn out. This is the case with almost every strategy you see in the servers, you can determine where they can't come from just because of invisible walls and smokes landing in the same place every time. I ask you to consider to make a big change to the whole system of it and make it more accurate to how csgo is really played thereby improving players and giving them opportunities to learn more. I apologise for the whole essay, I tried my best to summarise it without sounding like a dick. Thanks.
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