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  1. Name weaveR-- STEAMID STEAM_0:0:94567655 DiscordID weaveR--#2760 Who banned you? J4WG Length of your ban Permanent Why were you banned? apparently for breaking rules. J4WG flanked 15~ times and i killed him. nixes said it was fine if you hear or see the enemy. I heard J4WG so i killed him. He got angry because he went 4 and 20. J4WG perma banned me saying you can't hold flanks for any reason at all Why should you be unbanned? There is a huge discrepancy in the rules that no one is sure of. The rules state no flanking regardless of side but some admins disagree. Some admins say you can hold flanks if you hear them, others say thats bannable. When no one is sure of the rules and admins like J4WG can perma ban for no real reason, there is a huge issue. Never had any issues before hence my clean record and 19k points
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