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  1. beb

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    Name beb STEAMID STEAM_0:1:62827832 DiscordID beb#1000 Bug / Problem I already have gloves but default gloves are showing over them and they are clipping Evidence https://gyazo.com/3880ca4348fbbfa3b961abc5e6cc5adc
  2. Name beb STEAMID STEAM_0:1:62827832 DiscordID beb#1000 Bug / Problem /rs isn't working, it goes back to what kills you had before but sometimes your deaths are taken away from the scoreboard Evidence https://gyazo.com/b4060ab222d424b08f065e6848556fbf
  3. Name beb STEAMID STEAM_0:1:62827832 DiscordID beb#1000 Bug / Problem Saying kicked due to slot reservation even tho I am VIP Evidence https://gyazo.com/b218d378773a116f973e60764395195e
  4. Name beb STEAMID STEAM_0:1:62827832 DiscordID beb#1000 Age 20 What Country are you from? Ireland Server Playtime 13 hours Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team? I play the servers a lot and when I play I always come across someone who either isn't following the rules or just toxic people. I feel with me being active I can actually help instead of just sitting there and watching. I myself feel I can have an impact in a positive way with either my idea's or some information about players which might go a long way in the right hands. I also have a lot of hours in CS and knowledge about the game which helps in finding out whether someone is cheating or not. What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team? Good intentions, a non toxic attitude and knowing the players who play on the servers very well. I play on all the servers and have been around for a while, I'd like to say I'm one of the more reasonable people when It comes to making decisions and that will also make me a very good mod. Do you have any past experiences in similar roles? Past XGC Mod
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