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  1. Name DeuS STEAMID STEAM_0:0:541488640 DiscordID DeuS#9936 Age 19 What Country are you from? Wales Server Playtime 20hrs Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team? I've noticed a surge in cheaters, racist comments, and overall people not playing objective (baiting / trolling) And I believe with an extra - active player like me (spend 2 hrs daily on server) I can help refocus and make the server more enjoyable to play. I have been playing this server for a long time and believe that with an extra addition it will become more manageable to help admin the servers for players with the same problems i have been seeing. What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team? I have a lot of past experience in admin roles that range from GTA servers to CS servers and to custom DayZ servers, so my ability to do my job correctly is far more significant than if someone who has only played CS wants to become an admin. Another quality that i feel is lacking in cs (lol) is my ability to stay calm, for example if someone suspects someone of cheating, and i spectate them and come to the conclusion that they are not, and they start yelling at me, I wont become hot headed like so many other people will and throw insults at them or even ban them (like others will be so tempted to do). Do you have any past experiences in similar roles? Yes I have been a trial moderator 2 years ago in GZS retakes (left due to quiting cs for a year), I have owned and managed several FiveM GTA rp servers (member counts 150+) and is currently admin on two DayZ servers.
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