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  1. Steam ID has been changed due to me changing account, Idk how much this matters. If it does matter I can just put get more server playtime on this account (new) account. STEAM_0:0:623283941
  2. Name Kyran Swetman (zar) STEAMID STEAM_0:0:612773861 DiscordID zar#7747 Age 22 What Country are you from? UK (Live in Netherlands) Server Playtime 7 hours 22 min (Active Daily) Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team? I have started noticing there has been a lot of cheating and just toxic people in general. I want to help do something about that. I feel like this server is by far the best execute community server out there so why not try and make it better but getting rid of the cheaters and toxic people that destroy the experience for other people. New players should feel welcome and not play against cheaters and toxic people right away. First impression is key. What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team? I am myself a extremely calm person and always put others interests before my own. I personally think they are great qualities to have as a staff member. I am also very managed, this is something I also bring from my job as I am a manager of an IT team. Do you have any past experiences in similar roles? Not in CS in particular but I have been staff usually admin+ on Runescape private server and I have ran a pretty successful minecraft server in the past with 300+ active players every day. I always have been helping manage a few discord servers. Unfortunately within the CS franchise I have no experience being staff but I hope to change that by hopefully becoming staff on this server.
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