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  1. Name James STEAMID STEAM_0:1:451811416 DiscordID -DyN#2129 Age 21 What Country are you from? United Kingdom Server Playtime 12 hours after reset Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team? I've been a part of this community since mid 2019 and joined the staff team. I had a great time in this community and the staff team were amazing both in and out of the XGC servers. I did leave my position due to work but I feel like I now have suitable free time to assist in the moderation of XGC servers. Its the same reason as why I previously wanted to staff your servers, to allow players to enjoy the server free from disruption and toxicity and bring them back as a regular player! What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team? Calm, cool and collected individual, who can also chill and enjoy other games outside of XGC with the staff team. I'm easy to communicate with and enjoy recieving feedback on my performance, its the only way to improve. Do you have any past experiences in similar roles? Previous XGC staff member over a year ago.
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