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  1. Name Arsen STEAMID STEAM_0:0:444838299 DiscordID dont have one Who banned you? ShiibA Length of your ban 4 hours Why were you banned? I was playing execute like normally, we were playing mirage, and two players started harassing another guy for what they thought was "baiting", basically this guy was newer to the game then they were and he often spawned on the other bombsite meaning he would have to rotate and he was a passive player and sometimes he ended up being last alive, so these two were constantly harassing him and calling him names, saying he was bad etc. they did that the entire mirage map. I was silent, then we moved onto inferno where they continiued to the same to this guy and I decided to step in and ask to leave him alone, but then they instead started harassing me too, saying I was retared, saying I needed to stfu etc. and I wasnt having it, so It got verbal and I called them stuff too and basically asked them to either stfu and leave the guy alone or they could just switch to another server if they are unhappy with playing with this guy. They didnt stop so the exchange went on and I was very heated too and so were they and then I just got banned from the server and the bullies that were jumping the kid were got to play on. I think its a horribly made decision by shiibA to not even talk to us or at least analyse to see what had happend before banning me only and letting the two bullies play on. Why should you be unbanned? Because I did nothing wrong, Yes, I did have harsh words, I admit that, I was using profanity and I understand that isnt good, but when you have two guys just harassing and bullying a younger guy who is much newer to the game. It was hard not to step in.
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