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  1. Kind sir scotty, it has been over 4 months, please take a look at the response
  2. Replying to this, I admit the second one is true, although I dont understand the arguements that were started in the faceit hub, cuz i dont remember saying go nuke and saying dont go Mirage again is starting an arguement and yes i have started arguements in the discord yet im the only one to get banned for doing so (As far as I know correct me if im wrong). For the first point, i dont ever remember trying to crash a bot within your server with commands either in discord or Csgo so please explain that one, because i do not remember ever doing that. On the third point, people were overall toxic to me all the times and then i give a reaction back so in that situation you could state im toxic, Im overall nice in the servers i might say a few lightly mocking things towards goldie or anyone else also doing the same but overall i dont remember being explicitly toxic in the community servers, because if so i wouldve gotten gagged or banned from the community servers already, which issnt the case. Kind regards, Amy
  3. Could i atleast get the reason then so i could make a proper ban appeal? Or have this one denied or accepted?
  4. Name Amy STEAMID STEAM_0:1:196275747 DiscordID Amy#6369 Who banned you? I think Scotty not sure Length of your ban Permanent? Why were you banned? Im honestly not quite sure but i suspect for going against some trolls fucking around with me Why should you be unbanned? Because, I want to get back in the server, receive news about hub/servers and want to verify my csgo Xeno-gaming account so i can play with skins and just cuz its a nice community overall
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