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luffe's Staff Application

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    What Country are you from?

    Server Playtime
    19.917 days

    Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team?
    I want to be a part of the Staff team, because I want to help within the community. I've been a part of serveral other communities but I wanted to try something new, and since i've played on the XGC servers for a long time now. I wanted to send in an admin application. I also want to join because, im very motivated and I want to make XGC even better!

    What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team?
    I am a funny, but friendly guy. I want to use alot of my sparetime to come up with ideas to make the servers even better, and I want everyone that plays on the server as happy as possible.

    Do you have any past experiences in similar roles?
    I've been a part of serverel staff teams before, e.x FPSLynx, Warmup.Zone and C4.rs which was the most recently experince. I've been a developer at Warmup.Zone too, but I dont have much experince within developing and coding.

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Hey Luffe, 

Thank you for your application to become staff on XGC! It is clear that you are an active member in the community and have plently of playtime to show this. We also love to see the enthusiasm you have for the community! 

Unfortunately, on this occasion your application has been denied due to majority staff vote. 

Best of luck in the future and I hope to see you on the servers, 

XGC Admin

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