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Drab's Staff Application

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    What Country are you from?

    Server Playtime
    2 days & 21 hours (from stats-site)

    Why do you want to join the XenoGaming Staff team?
    I was previously in the staff-team. Besides that I believe I can contribute with lots of stuff to the staff team besides being a very active player. I also know my way around the commands I know how to keep my head cold in difficult situations.

    What qualities will you bring to the XenoGaming Staff team?
    I am a very active player that know my way around the various staff commands & I know alot of the players playing the servers - this will build trust. I, besides having been staff-member on XGC, have prior experience moderating another CS:GO server aswell.

    Do you have any past experiences in similar roles?
    As I mentioned before, I was previously a moderator on another CSGO server. In other games I have also been moderating/administrating larger communities.

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